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The Different Packaging Boxes Used By Candy Manufacturers

If there is one thing that children like to eat, no matter what part of the world they are from are candies. Candies come in different sizes, flavours, colours and attract children with their attractive appearance. To entice the children, candies manufacturers make use of exceedingly attractive packaging. Boxes that encase the candies are designed with visually appealing designs, bright colours and sometimes the pictures of the most ‘hit’ characters on television. The packaging plays a rather important role in the market success of a candy item.

Given below are the different types of packaging boxes used by the candy industry:

Partition Boxes:When talking about candy, partition boxes are rather common. These boxes are the ones which encase more than one flavours of candy and instead of mixing the flavours, the retailers choose to make partitions inside the box which keep each flavour separate. The top of the box includes a simple cardboard mechanism which enables each partition to have its own opening. The flaps can be opened and closed as per the child’s preference. If you are a candy manufacturer, these boxes are perfect for you if you wish to package more than one flavour of candy inside a single box. For reference, you can have a look at Willy Wonka’s Double Dipped Nerds boxes.

Reverse Tuck End Boxes: The reverse tuck end boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes when it comes to candies. Popular brands like M&M’s make use of these boxes to package their tiny treats. When the box is filled with the goods, the flaps are folded and the box is closed. It is then wrapped in plastic wrap so the box may not open and the goods spill out in case of mishandling. For candies, reverse tuck end boxes are manufactured with cardboard stock. Candy manufacturing brands that are environmentally conscious make use of eco-friendly kraft boxes to package their candies in.

Dispenser Boxes: Dispenser boxes are the ones that can be found inside retail stores placed on the counter or shelves. These boxes are in some ways, the bigger box that encase the tiny candy packaging or boxes. The dispenser box has an opening cut-out at the bottom front from which people can pick out candy. In dispenser boxes, candy is stacked on top of each and can only be retrieved from the cut-out front. The versatility of dispenser boxes allows them to encase plastic candy wrappings and paper stock boxes both. An additional benefit that comes with dispenser candy boxes is that they are great for marketing and branding.

Display Boxes: Candy display boxes come in extremely handy to attract children to candy. These boxes have a header and a tray which can be incorporated with attractive visuals and colours to entice children. Inside the tray, the candy packets and boxes can be displayed effectively. This provides the children with a hands-on approach to touch and feel the candy boxes in their hands, making them prone to buying the product. Related image

If you are looking for Candy packaging Boxes, get in touch with The Packaging Boxes for more information. Candies are one of the few commodities that parents rarely hesitate when buying for children. With the many candy brands in the market, if you are a candy manufacturer, you must make sure to have your product stand out.